Real luxury for busy urban [wo]men?
Pure products & simple rituals relying on Nature’s wisdom.
More self-love is the smart path to age gracefully.


At LUUX care, our vision of beauty and well-being takes into account the many constraints of everyday life affecting busy urban men and women.

Convinced that both body and mind need to release stress, be nourished and re-vitalized routinely, we are on a mission to provide simple yet efficient beauty and wellness rituals that make people feel happier and look better while respecting and loving themselves as they are.

Nature’s trustworthy wisdom inspired us our powerful solutions for professionals, relying on light’s regenerating benefits and the healing powers of plants.


Lux(e): [lʏks]

1. Light (Latin). Unit of light intensity
2. Elegance and splendor (French)


Care: [kâr]

1. Attention and service
2. Deep feeling of responsibility


LUUX care: [lʏks kâr] 

Radiant beauty and inner strength inspired by Nature’s wisdom.


In our ever-changing fast-paced environment, it is necessary to rethink the way in which beauty services are being delivered. Personalized treatments and advice, one-stop beauty spots and pure cosmetics are the way forward. We are committed to delivering turn-key beauty services to beauty and wellness professionals, aligned with the market’s expectations, in order to make their businesses stand out and thrive. 

Convinced that LED Light Therapy has a huge potential in the field of aesthetics and well-being, we centred our solutions around this technology that will benefit therapists and their clients alike.



“Effectiveness is best measured by results over time”

  Richard Tyler



“Nature is eternally young, beautiful and generous. She has the secret of happiness, and no one knew how to take it away from her.”

George Sand



“Service is the very purpose of life, and not something you do in your spare time.”

Marian Wright Edelman


Aurelie is our lizard. She became addicted to LED Light Therapy, natural cosmetics and food supplements when she moved back to Amsterdam from Asia. Her core expertise and professional passion are business development, brand strategy, marketing, communication and sales.

Aurélie Bécat

LED Light Therapy Expert

Geraldine is our tree hugger. She grew up with a passion for nature and a heart for ecology. She knows as much about natural remedies and clean cosmetics, as about finance, legal and compliance stuff, business processes and risk management.

Géraldine Hafkemeijer

LED Light Therapy Expert

If you have an expertise or experience that would benefit our business, we will be happy to have a coffee or a call. We work with contractors, partners and interns who help us walk towards the achievement of our vision, implement our strategy and increase our impact.




1990 €

ex. BTW 

+ 3 gratis dozen hydromaskers