LED Light Therapy is a beauty & well-being enhancer and a business booster.
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Beauty therapist

When I added LED Light Therapy to my face treatments, my salon got a real boost. The results are amazing and my customers come back even more often. Try LED Light Therapy and adopt it.


Martine F.

LUUX care® LED Light Therapist
Beautiful Inside Out


Adding LED Light Therapy to my existing treatment offer enabled me to optimize the results on my clients’ skin. They are absolutely delighted with their sublimated skin and – as a bonus – their boosted level of energy. LED Light Therapy makes a real difference, especially against stretch marks and scars for which I had no solution before. As a professional, I see it as the ideal asset for increased skin glow.

Florence L.

LUUX care® LED Light Therapist
Florence Laval Kobido
Den Haag

Massage therapist

For my clients, a session of LED Light Therapy is a moment of pure relaxation, a parenthesis in their busy life and spectacular results on their skin, all at once! They are at first curious about and then amazed by the many positive effects of light. Once they try it, they ask for more. My schedule is filling up fast!


Laure B.

LUUX care® LED Light Therapist
Laure Essentials
Den Haag

Beauty Salon

The results of LED Light Therapy are undeniable, on me and on my customers. Everyone who tries it gets enthusiastic, it is addictive and customers like to come back for a complete cure. The LUUX care ladies think along to make it a success, and it works! 



Anja N.

LUUX care® LED Light Therapist
Beauty Spot

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