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Discover our LED Light Therapy boosters: exclusive hydromasks, dermarollers and teeth whitening kits.


LUUX care® exclusive transparent face and body hydromasks deliver effective active principles deep into the skin for unrivalled results, while offering the clients a unique well-being experience. 


How do LUUX care® hydromasks work ?

LUUX care® hydromasks are designed to make the most of the photoporation effect that takes place during a treatment.

When exposed to light, the transient micropores in the cells open up. They become thus able to draw from their environment the nutrients they need. It is the ideal moment to apply active ingredients that skin cells will absorb faster. The unique combination of the LUUX care® hydromasks and LED Light Therapy maximizes the efficiency of the treatment.

The range of LUUX care® hydromasks covers every skin issue treated by LED Light Therapy in aesthetics: acne, wrinkles, dull complexion, redness, pigmentation spots, sagging skin, body fat and stretch marks.

Distinguished allies of professionals & clients:

How does a treatment go?

Clean thoroughly the skin. If desired, perform a soft peeling or gently stimulate the skin with a magic roller.

Apply the hydromask serum first in order to rehydrate the skin, and then the hydromask itself. Remove any air bubbles and leave the hydromask during the entire light protocol (35 to 45 minutes). Once the light is off, remove it, throw it away and apply the purest hydrating cream matching the clients’ skin type and needs. It is that easy!

A LED Light Therapy plan usually involves a series of treatments – typically between 6 and 12 sessions, depending on the type of issue treated, for how long it has been lasting, and the client’s age. Results will also depend on the client’s health, lifestyle, and his commitment to regular sessions.



How does micro-needling work ?

LUUX care® magic roller is a mechanical tool made of a rolling drum covered with thin surgical needles (540 for the face, 1080 for the body). It is rolled on the skin to create numerous perforations. 

By making microscopic holes in the skin and reaching the dermis, the layer of the skin where collagen and elastic are produced, the natural healing function of the skin is activated. New tissues are formed from collagen and elastin. This technique is therefore often called Collagen Induction Therapy and is a proven way to renew and beautify the skin in depth.

Why is micro-needling an efficient ally?

Micro-needling can be used to correct a number of skin irregularities such as sagging skin, fine lines, dilated pores, irregular complexion, or stretch marks. Cherry on the cake, it allows the active ingredients of dermo-cosmetics to reach their target faster.

Note that micro-needling is not recommended on irritated or infected skin, active acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, thick moles or open wounds.

Teeth whitening kit LUUX smile


How does LUUX smile work ?

Blue light is proven to activate the hydrogen peroxide contained in the cosmetic gel of  LUUX smile bt LUUX care® kit, which results in whither enamel and removal of stains.

This single use cosmetic teeth whitening kit provides all the tools necessary for an easy teeth whitening LED treatment: an accelerator spray, a sponge swab, a cosmetic gel, and a mouthpiece.

Why do you need it?

Having a bright, healthy smile can have a great impact on confidence and enthusiasm. It is the finishing touch of a radiant face. Your clients don’t need to look further and can now have their teeth painlessly whitened by you on the spot. A great addition to your service offer, and a nice way to increase the return on your lamp!

How does a treatment go ?

First, let the client brush his/her teeth and sit comfortably. Apply the the accelerator spray onto the sponge swab and let the client rub his/her teeth for 30 seconds. Apply the cosmetic gel on both sides of the mouthpiece, and let the client place it in his/her mouth.
Cover his eyes with goggles and turn on the blue light. After 25 minutes, ask the client to rinse his/her mouth thoroughly. Repeat a second time.

Note that teeth whitening is not recommended on sensitive teeth, as well as pregnant and breast-feeding women, and eating in the two hours following the treatment must be avoided.




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+ 3 gratis dozen hydromaskers