If you’re a beauty, well-being or re-balancing professional looking to give your business a boost and to stand out in a competitive market, LED light therapy is the technology you need !

Since the introduction of low-level light therapy in the 1960’s, over 580 clinical trials have been conducted in over a dozen countries* and more than 3500 studies on the different applications of phototherapy, have been published all around the world.Scientists have now achieved a consensus as to the best wavelengths of light and acceptable dosages to be used

It’s a safe, non-invasive, painless, risk-free technology with no side effects

Since it’s non-invasive, LED light therapy does not require any downtime nor does it have any side effects. The contra-indications for LED light therapy involve very limited cases, making it a therapy adapted to most customers.

It’s a great alternative to other more harmful laser treatments or injectables

With the scientific progress made in the field of alternative cosmetic procedures, surgery and invasive procedures are increasingly considered as risky and expensive investments. Driven by the growing demand, the market for alternative procedures has a huge potential.

It’s the only beauty technology that has so many different applications

Thanks to LED light therapy, you can now treat a great variety of skin conditions, without having to purchase additional equipment and go through additional training. See our full list of applications here (redirige vers la sous-partie “application”).

It offers a unique, relaxing and comforting atmosphere allowing for a positive customer experience

Customers often report having experienced a deep feeling of relaxation, close to a meditative state, during a LED light therapy session. Some even describe the light as a comforting energy and come back for the sole purpose of repeating this unique and positive experience. Other than that, the necessary cleansing and hydrating rituals contribute to creating a space of calm, grounding and peace.

It can be used as a standalone technology or combined with other treatments : facials, micro-needling, masks, etc.

Combining LED light therapy with other procedures such as micro-needling, allow for greater and faster results. This type of combination not only increases customer satisfaction but also allows you to establish yourself as innovative and comprehensive beauty experts.




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+ 3 gratis dozen hydromaskers