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1/ Legal notice


LUUX care is a company registered at the Netherlands’ Chamber of Commerce under the following identification code : KVK 68092377. It is headquartered in Roerstraat 71, 1078 LK Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Phone number : +31 6 19 90 86 78 – E-mail: shine@luuxcare.com
LUUX care edits the website found under the following address : www.luuxcare.com (hereinafter designated as « our website »).

Web host:

Our website is hosted by OVH limited (simplified stock company) founded with a registered capital of 10.000.000€. OVH is registered in France under the identification code RCS B 424 761 419 and its registered address is 2 Rue Kellermann 59100 ROUBAIX.

Website Design:

Web Design: Incubator Studio, a brand of Rocque Design
Publishing director: Aurélie Bécat Consulting

2/ Website Terms of Use

The use of this website is subject to the terms and conditions written on this webpage. By using this website, you agree to be bound, without reservation, by these terms and conditions.

3/ Copyright and intellectual property

The LUUX care® brand, its logo, its html codes as well as the domain name are protected by intellectual property laws.

Most of the pictures used come from the following website: www.unsplash.com and are therefore free of copyright. The images produced or edited by LUUX care (hereinafter designated as “LUUX care images”) are protected by intellectual property rights and cannot be used freely.

None of the elements figuring on the website (text, brand name, logos, html codes and LUUX care images) may be partially or entirely copied, reproduced, amended, re-edited, twisted, transmitted or distributed by any means, without the previous written consent of LUUX care and clear attribution of credits to LUUX care.

Without authorization, the copy of one of our website’s article title along with the first 500 characters following the title, is tolerated as long as the copy clearly mentions the origin of the article followed by a link containing the article’s url on LUUX care® website. LUUX care reserves its right to engage legal proceedings in case of any counterfeiting or breach of its intellectual property rights.

4/ Applicable law

The website and its contents are governed par Dutch law and all and any legal dispute in relation to or in connection with this website will be resolved by the competent Dutch courts.

5/ Limitation of liability

The information contained on this website is communicated in a purpose to inform and meant as guideline only. LUUX care endeavours to deliver up-to-date information originating from reliable sources on its website. However, LUUX care makes no declaration nor gives any guarantee regarding the accuracy, correctness or comprehensiveness of the information provided in the articles published on its website. For information purposes, LUUX care provides links or references to other websites, which are not controlled by it. LUUX care may not be held liable in case of error, inaccuracy or omission or any other cause not presently defined, affecting the information contained on this website or on the websites that are referred to.

6/ Access to the website

LUUX care cannot, under any circumstances, be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage that may arise while using this website, for the impossibility of accessing to the website and more generally for any event linked to the website or its use through internet.

7/ Contact

Users can address questions and comments and report any content deemed inaccurate (accompanied in this case by the page’s URL and a copy of its content) by email sent to : shine@luuxcare.com.

8/ Terms and conditions modifications

LUUX care reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of its website at any moment and without notice. Users will automatically be bound by these amendments while using our website. It is within the users’ responsibility to regularly read the terms and conditions so as to keep abreast of any modifications.

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