PLUME Herbal Tea (10 pcs)

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Organic and hand-picked herbal tea that detoxes and purifies your body.


Benefit from the detoxifying properties of meadowsweet and lemongrass to support you on your slimming journey. PLUME’s unique blend of southern French plants provides a sweet and natural taste.


Prepare an infusion with 1 tablespoon herbal mix per cup and sizzling water.
1 to 2 cups a day during 21 days or more.
No contraindication to high or long-term consumption.


Ingredients : Meadowsweet* (filipendula ulmaria l), bean pods* (phaseolus vulgaris l), fucus* (fucus vesiculosus), verbena*(lippia citriodora l), lemongrass* (cymbopogon nardus l).

* Ingredients from organic agriculture

100% of total ingredients come from organic agriculture
Product certified by FR-BIO-01.
Hand picked up, selected and made in France


PLUME is the best buddy of those who want to detox or lose weight, each cup is a reward along the way. No more frustration on our detox journey, we drink it from morning to evening and never get tired of its light and fresh taste.