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Designed for aesthetics and well-being, our innovative standalone device offers four different LED colors. Science has proved that each color penetrates the skin at a different depth, hence impacting different types of skin. Hence our protocols have been developed by specialists who were able to combined the benefits of different colors and frequencies for optimal results. Using powerful yet cold light (120mW/cm2), LUUX PRO+ is a safe and non invasive solution for mild skin conditions such as acne, wrinckles, rosacea, pigment spots, dull skin, and to stimulate fat loss locally.

Moreover, LUUX PRO+ is small and easy to store away, ideal for small spaces of if you are already using other machines. With two independent panels adjustable to your clients’ face and body, and fully articulated arms, Luux Pro+ offers perfect flexibility and ease of use.

Main features :

  • 4 colors + Infrared with proven wavelengths for enhanced benefits
  • Vibrating and continuous mode
  • Touch-screen with 8 Pre-programmed protocols that target specific skin issues
  • Free mode for manual programming
  • 2 articulated arms for increased flexibility and ergonomics
  • 2 panels that allows for two 50cm x 20cm treatment surfaces