Frequently Asked Questions

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How does LED Light Therapy work?

LED Light Therapy applies a cold and UV-free monochromatic light emitted by LEDs onto the skin. It stimulates the metabolism of skin cells and accelerates their renewal. Each color corresponds to a particular light wavelength, and penetrates in the skin at a different depth for a specific action.

What kind of problems can LED Light Therapy help with?

LED Light Therapy has two majors axis of application, beauty and well-being.
– Wrinkles
– Acne
– Scars
– Age spots
– Sunburns
– Inflammation
– Sagging skin
– Stretch marks
– Hair loss
– Love handles and fat tissues
– Cellulite
– Teeth discoloration

– Lack of energy
– Stress
– Fatigue
– Muscle pain
– Sleep problems
– Jet lag
– Seasonal affective disorder

Are there any contraindication?

LED Light Therapy has very few contraindications, but please take into consideration the following recommendations. If you suffer from epilepsy, pathologic photosensitivity or cancer, the treatment is not recommended. If you are pregnant, it is always better to seek medical advice before using the lamp.
To stay on the safe side, we recommend to check with your GP if you follow a treatment involving hormones, antihistamines, anti-inflammatory medication (NSAIDs), antipsychotics or antidepressants. The reason is that some chemical components taken in a certain doses can increase photosensitivity.

What’s the difference between at home LED Light Therapy devices and in salon services?

There are plenty of LED Light Therapy devices on the market for home use. However, they usually have a smaller number of LEDs and are less powerful than LUUX care’s lamps, hence less efficient. Moreover, they often don’t have all 4 colours nor infrared, meaning that they cannot treat the wide array of conditions that LUUX care’s lamps can help with. Last but not least, they are smaller and can only treat a small area of the body.
Beauty professionals provide additional services such as recommendations on the most appropriate light protocols and treatment frequency to achieve the results clients want. They are accountability partners and build up results for their clients, which cannot be achieved at home.

Is LED Light Therapy suitable for all skin types?

Yes, it can be used on all skin types, even the most sensitive ones.

How can I contact LUUX care team?

You can email us at, or call +31 6 19 90 86 78, or leave a comment on our social media accounts: Instagram @luuxcare or Facebook @luuxcare.

Do you sell your unrivalled cosmetics to end consumers?

LUUX care® products that are used before, during and after the LED Light Therapy treatments, can be ordered by professionals on this website or by email at

How do I choose the right treatments and products?

Based on our scientifically developed treatment protocols and expertise, we train professionals to recommend the treatment that will best fit their clients’ needs, wishes and dreams, and answer any questions they may have.

What payment methods do you accept?

We are equipped with an iZettle device for face to face payments in the Netherlands, which means that we accept: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Apple pay, Samsung pay and Google pay. We also accept cash. The best and most convenient option is direct bank transfer to the company’s bank account NL82 INGB 0007 7124 69.

Why are you different?

We are on a mission to enable each individual to reveal their natural beauty and inner strength to shine from the inside out every day.

Inspired by Nature’s wisdom, our skincare rituals combine LED Light Therapy, cosmetics, herbal teas and food supplements of unrivalled quality for simple yet effective beauty habits.

We truly believe that more self-love is the smart path to age gracefully.

Is it proven?

LED Light Therapy is scientifically proven and has already been the subject of more than 3500 studies across 12 countries. Facts and figures don’t lie.

What if I know nothing about LED Light Therapy?

We help professionals choose the lamp that suits their needs, train them to work with it and satisfy their clients, show them how to boost their business with appropriate marketing and sales support, organize demos for their team and best clients. We are highly professional, and clients can rely on us to be equipped with what they need. We make ourselves available to serve our clients on the long term.

What are the effects of the different colours?

BLUE LIGHT: 465 nm
– Heals and brightens up
– Antiseptic and antibacterial

– Purifies and vitalizes
– Acts against stress and fatigue

– Reduces inflammation
– Firms up the tissues

RED LIGHT: 640 nm
– Promotes microcirculation
– Boost collagen and elastin production
– Increases metabolism

– Stimulates the dermis in depth
– Promotes lymphatic drainage
– Eliminates body fat
– Alleviates pain

Is LED Light Therapy safe?

This technology, initially developed by NASA in the 1980s, is known for being “free of adverse events” and “beneficial for a range of medical and aesthetic conditions encountered in the dermatology practice” (Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, February 2018).   LED Light Therapy is suitable for all skin types, pain-free and non-invasive. LED light does not emit UVs, produces hardly any heat and is therefore a very safe technology.

How often should I do LED Light Therapy treatments?      

After a LED Light Therapy session, the cells will maintain an increased metabolism up to 72 hours. It is therefore advised to get under the lamp twice a week for visible results. Especially if you want to treat a specific problem like acne or wrinkles, frequency and regularity are keys! When correcting skin imperfections, results are achieved quicker when treatments are delivered closer to each other. The results achieved during a 12 session treatment will last for up to 3 months.

What about eye protection?

While LED light is in principle safe, it is preferable not to look steadily at the LED panels, especially the infrared panel. We therefore recommend the therapist to wear protection glasses and the client to wear small goggles to cover and protect the eyes during the treatment. They are provided by LUUX care.

Does light influence sleep?

The effect of blue light on sleep varies depending on each person. Using blue light during the last hours of the day can give you a surge of energy when it is actually time to tuck yourself in for a good night of sleep. But if you are up for a social night, then by all means, do get your Energy Shot or Glow Shot on your way to the party!

Why adopt LUUX care's LED Light Therapy?

LUUX care’s LED Light Therapy is one of a kind:

  • Natural
  • Painless
  • UV-free
  • Non-invasive
  • No side effects
  • No recovery time
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • For both men and women
  • Multiple beauty and wellness applications
  • Improves the penetration of cosmetic active principes

What else could we dream of?

Why go for the Luxe LED Light Therapy program?

Luxe LED Light Therapy is THE complete treatment. It’s the most efficient as it combines the effects of the hydromask with the action of the light. The hydromask is full of active principles targeting each specific problem. When exposed to light, the pores of the cell membranes open up and enable the active principles to penetrate more easily at the core of the skin cells. Combined with the increased metabolism generated by exposure to light, this creates a powerful combination for faster and visible results.

Can clients wear makeup during a facial or body treatment?

LED Light Therapy works best on a clean skin. Before any facial treatment, it is recommended to use a gentle natural cleanser to remove make-up and prepare the skin for the treatment.

Can I open a LED Light Therapy salon?

We offer a turnkey concept that enables you to start your own the light bar® franchise, become a LED Light Therapist and create a loyal clientele addicted to the benefits of light.

Will clients get immediate results?

Since LED Light Therapy relies on the cells doing the work, the results are not as immediate as with invasive or less natural procedures. Therefore, it might take more than one session to see improvements, even if there is progress. If you’re in need of faster results, using LUUX care hydromasks in combination with LED Light Therapy will deliver optimal results.




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+ 3 gratis dozen hydromaskers