LUUX care® serves beauty and wellness professionals thanks to a combination of cutting-edge technological devices, professional skincare supplies, scientifically developed protocols and mindfully composed organic cosmetics. For us, beauty is not only a result, but an individual experience tailored to the specific needs of each client, generating a glow from the inside out. We want your clients to leave truly relaxed, energized and grateful for who they see in the mirror, whether they come for wrinkles reduction, acne, rosacea, pigmentation spots, sagging skin, stretch marks, scars or relaxation.

Be ready, your clients will turn into enlightened addicts to your light treatments! Each session combines a succession of specific wavelengths at a targeted frequency, and a LUUX care® hydromask full of active principles. These transparent gel masks indeed boost the action of each light color while delivering targeted nutrients, a delicious smell and a deep hydration.

As a beauty professional, you are the trusted beauty expert of your clients who count on you for advice in order to maintain the results of your treatments over time. You know that only a comprehensive beauty routine repeated every single day can deliver permanent results. This is the reason why we also equip you with LUUX care® pure organic cosmetics, herbal teas, and soon with LUUX care® state-of-the-art food supplements – a full range of beauty and business boosters, complementary to LED Light Therapy, that supports your clients’ daily winning routine.

Our skin mirrors our age and health. It connects us with the world. Who doesn’t want to be complimented on a plumped, bright, young and even skin? Recent advances in technology have drastically improved aesthetic skin improvements, but they usually involve invasive procedures, toxic products, recovery time, if not pain, side-effects or complications.

At LUUX care®, we believe in natural beauty. We want each person to be the best version of their authentic self, unique and beautiful as Nature has created them. Does it imply staying away from technology? Not anymore! With LED Light Therapy, science offers us the greatest innovation we were all waiting for, relying on Nature’s precious wisdom.

Initially developed by NASA in the 80’s, light-based technologies now offer an effective alternative to less natural skin-rejuvenation techniques. By boosting the natural processes of the skin, such as cell renewal and the production of collagen and elastin, LED emitted light has proven to be nothing less than a natural beauty booster. 

The thousand of beauty professionals already using LED Light Therapy daily in France to the benefit of their clients, inspired us. While light in other forms is already used by a number of beauticians across Europe, we found out that they usually use less powerful light. Indeed, most light sources would become too hot, and thus damaging to the skin. On the contrary, LED light hardly produces any heat and is known as the UV-free “cold light”. It enables the skin to absorb more photons in the same amount of time and to rejuvenate faster than with other light technologies. LED Light Therapy truly does wonders, measured by science and clinical research. A whole new world of opportunities opens up for your clients in your salon!

You want your clients to be happy; we want you to be successful.

As a passionate and talented beautician, you invest energy and attention to details in each treatment. But you often wish you had either more hours in a day or the capacity to make more money, don’t you? Your hands are magical, but your bodies are often exhausted. Don’t you wish you could work less intensively or take on more clients in a workday?

LED Light Therapy is your solution to achieve faster results, and make your salon stand out as a reference in your market. Let the light do the work! Give yourself a break as the light protocol is on, or if you overflow with energy, treat a second client at the same time. With LUUX care professional solutions, you get the work balance you desire and your clients the results they dream of.

Our clients will tell you that we care about their success and treat them as partners: we train them, advise them, answer all their questions, and extend a unique 3 years guarantee on our devices. Are you the next LED Light Therapist? There is no more predictable return on investment on the market.

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1990 €

ex. BTW 

+ 3 gratis dozen hydromaskers